Caught Out: Tội ác. Tham Nhũng. Cricket.

Caught Out: Tội ác. Tham Nhũng. Cricket.

Caught Out: Crime. Corruption. Cricket. (2023) March. 17, 2023 Ấn Độ 1g 17phút
HD Vietsub
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Title: Caught Out: Crime. Corruption. Cricket.

“Caught Out: Crime. Corruption. Cricket.” is a gripping crime thriller that explores the dark underbelly of the world of professional cricket. Set against the backdrop of a high-stakes international cricket tournament, the film takes audiences on a thrilling journey as they unravel a web of deceit, corruption, and murder.

Plot Summary:
The story revolves around Ravi Sharma, a talented young cricketer who dreams of representing his country at the highest level. As Ravi rises through the ranks, he becomes a key player in the national team, catching the attention of everyone in the cricketing world.

However, Ravi soon discovers that the cricketing world is not as glamorous as it seems. He stumbles upon evidence of a massive match-fixing scandal involving influential figures within the cricket board, players, and even some politicians. Determined to expose the truth, Ravi finds himself caught in a dangerous game where his life is at stake.

As Ravi digs deeper, he realizes that the corruption runs deeper than he could have ever imagined. He uncovers a complex network of illegal betting, money laundering, and even connections to organized crime syndicates. With time running out, Ravi must navigate through a treacherous web of deceit and corruption to bring the culprits to justice and save the game he loves.

Along the way, Ravi forms an unlikely alliance with Meera, an investigative journalist who is also determined to expose the truth. Together, they face numerous obstacles, including threats, intimidation, and even attempts on their lives. As they race against time, the duo becomes determined to bring down the corrupt individuals and restore the integrity of the game.


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